In modern time there are plenty of plateform through that we can create a website but to make a dynamic website we need some general knowledge about to make a website…so let’s get start to make a dynamic website on

what will be the features of dynamic website that i am going to share with you ??

There are following features will be in my dynamic websites that i am going to make

1:website will be free of cost and website will be pointed to a domain at free of cost

2:website will be secure means will be free ssl to my website

so let’s get start to make a website

1:First we have to go on 000webhost…to go on 000webhost click here

2:After that create an account on 000webhost then create a website

3:After website built you will get an address that is called the subdomain of 000webhost that you can check in setting…through that you can reach your website

4:After to create website go to file manger and go to editor and make index.html file and write html code and save that file and after save file just go to setting and click on your website url and then you will see your website page

5:Now it’s point to set an web address for your website subdomain then you have to buy a domain but if you don’t want to buy a domain then you can buy domain at free of cost from

click here to go to freenom click here

6:to set web address go to tools in 000webhost menu and click on set web address

7:To set web address you will see two option one is pointing and another is park

8:Generally to set web address we prefer pointing through that we can secure our website through ssl( Secure Sockets Layer )

9:So to secure your website and boost up go to cloudflare…to go to cloudflare click here

10:create an account on cloudflare and add a website after that choose free service from cloudflare

11:After that go to freenom and click on manage domain and then go to nameservers

12:After that you will see default nameservers just go to custom nameserveres and point to cloudflare serveres as mentioned by cloudflare

13:After that update nameservers and wait for while minutes

14:After minutes you will recieve a message that is about that cloudflare is protecting your website

15:Now it’s time to point your subdomain to cloudflare

16:just go to dns in cloudflare and click on cname in option

17:And now point your root domain to your website subdomain without cloudflare protection

18:Now add your domain to 000webhost pointing domain and click to point

19:After click your subdomain will get point to your domain

20:Now go to dns and protect pointing by cloudflare

21:In cloudflare you will get three page rule through that you can provide https for your website’s pages

22:Now just type your domain name to your favourite browser and browse your website

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